How can I make a change after placing an order?

You place an order on the website and you need to change the shipping address or anything else?

Please call customer service as soon as possible and we will be happy to assist.

Sunday - Thursday, between 09:30-17:30

Phone / WhatsApp: +974 54-5772709

Email: Vered018@gmail.com

Is site secured?

Yes, the site is secured and complies with the most stringent data security standards-dual SSL. Your credit card details are encrypted and secure. If you still have concerns, you can choose to pay by phone. Please select the "Phone Order" option on the payment page and we will contact you to sort the payment details for your order directly.

How can I track my shippment?

Tracking is available for all items shipped In order to check your item current delivery status please visit the following website >>

How will I receive my package?

We are working with EMS shipping company -

The guaranteed worldwide courier service.
EMS guarantees quick delivery times to main destinations worldwide with Internet tracking.

Additional information about EMS, can be found on their website >>

Is there a jewelry warranty?

Yes! The warranty is for all our jewelry and is valid for one year from the time the order is placed on the site. The warranty is for the fallen stones.
There's no warranty for a torn or broken piece of jewelry, but you can send it to us, and if it can be repaired, we'll do it at a symbolic cost.

How to protect the jewelry?

The jewellery should not be worn while working, bathing or exercising in order to protect the jewelery over time.

in addition, avoid contact with perfume, hair spray and other skin care.

Silver jewelry must be stored in a closed package without being exposed to open air.

Do not go swimming (sea or pool) with the jewelry.

From time to time, clean your jewelry with a special silver jewelry cleaning cloth.

How to measure your ring size?

Often I'm being asked "How do I know my size?"

Take one of your rings and place it on a straight surface. Measure the ring's internal diameter with ruler.

Alternatively, you may mark the inner ring circumference on the surface it is placed on, and then calculate the diameter. Using the table convert the number obtained to the ring dimension.

What material do you use for your jewelry?

All our jewelry are made of pure silver, sterling 925. Some of them are 14 carat rose gold plating. All the jewelry have a Silver hallmarks . Some, inlaid with Gemstone.

Is it possible to shower with the jewelry?

You can shower with silver jewelry but this is not our recommendation, as gemstones lose their luster over time when in contact with water. Do not shower with rose gold jewelry, as the coating drops over time when in contact with water.

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